Ascent Of Summer

walking up moel famau

It’s hot out today, phew! The electric fan is right on me, set to the highest speed and I am still not getting any cooler. The ice-trays just ain’t supplying me with enough ice either; I’m downing ice-water like it’s nobody’s business. Where I live, days like this do not come around very often, so I really shouldn’t moan, but, sheesh!

The weather last weekend was exceptional. Blue skies, warm air, pic-nics and sunkissed skin is what last Saturday consisted of, in a nut-shell. It’s so good for the soul, going out into the great outdoors. Breathing in that fresh air and clearing the mind of all the worries and stress that accumulates through-out the week.  I should force myself to do more of this ‘going outdoors’; it is definitely one of the best ever therapy treatments, for me.

Up-hill Struggle

When my partner suggested going for a strole up Moel Famau for a lovely walk in the sunshine and a pleasant pic-nic when we reach top, I thought, aww, that sounds absolutely perfect. Little did I know, it would be around 1.5 miles to the top. That doesn’t sound much, but this was, by no means, flat land. Bear in mind, I have been a driver for 5 months now, and have not had much exercise since passing my test. My legs were aching, my face was a pasty shade of crimson and not to mention the wheezing sound that was coming from my chest; slightly worrying.

“There’s a bench! Get me to the bench!” I sat down for literally a minute, to check out the view. There were about five paragliders, gliding around, just above us. The bold colours against the blue sky were beautiful, and the shadows created by the gliders, flowing across the hills had me, almost, in a state of hypnosis.


The Only Way Is Up

Moel Famau walkBut then! My peace was quickly disturbed, when I noticed a wasp on the strap of my shoulder bag, (while it was on my shoulder)! It wouldn’t shake off for the life of it! And this was a big-daddy wasp, I wasn’t gonna’ attempt to flick it, no-way. So of course, I do the next best thing. I chuck my bag into a puddle and run away like a little school girl. Hilarious for on-lookers, but terrifying for me.

So, we made our merry way up the mountain, (or hill, actually), and inspite of the struggle, I pushed and pushed onwards and upwards, until we FINALLY reached the top! “Yes!” I shouted, as I plonked myself onto the ground, shuffling round for my can of pop (that I so deserved). We laid out the pic-nic blanket and lay ourselves down to catch our breath and have some lunch.  The view from the top was incredible, but the sense of achievement (and relief) that I felt was beyond words.  We took a few minutes to soak-in the amazing surroundings, before heading back, downhill.

top of the hill Moel Famau Sarah Marion

top of moel famau hill

It’s All Downhill From Here

Time to head back! I was like a little jumping bean bopping down the hill! I was so happy that all of the hard work was done and it’s nothing but smooth-sailing from now on. Well, for today anyway. I planned to join a gym starting Monday, after work. Before you ask: Yes, I did go, and yes I went on Tuesday, also. The first day was hard, but not as hard as Moel Famau. The second day was easier; I went a little bit faster and a little bit harder and wasn’t even wheezy the slightest bit. I am actually looking forward to going again! I know, crazy, right?! It seems the harder I work, the easier it all gets.  Darn it, I hate when the professionals are right. Ha-ha!


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